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Riverlodge is family owned and has been welcoming fishermen, families, couples and other special guests since the 1940’s.  It is a place to rest, rejuvenate, the body and mind.  Over the years, the anglers come for salmon and steel head, families come for vacations and reunions, couples come for weddings and honeymoons and so on. Common to all is the desire to experience a classic big timber riverfront lodge in the woods of southern Oregon on the storied Rogue River.

In the summer it is a time to reconnect, relax, and have fun in Oregon’s great outdoors.  It is a time for family and friends enjoying a place where time slows.

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The river offers up endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and dry climate of Southern Oregon.  The green canopy of trees and the flowers are abundant around the lodge.  Riverlodge is located within the Wild and Scenic area created by the U.S. government in 1960 to preserve the natural beauty of the Rogue River frontage.  As a result, building along the river is no longer allowed.  At Riverlodge you will have one neighbor and acres of woods for your privacy and enjoyment.

The river is about sunbathing, swimming, floating, rafting, jet boats and fishing.  You can rent affordable  inflatables and float for miles.  We recommend starting with a guided float trip to first learn how easy, safe and fun it is.  Then rent Tahiti’s or other kayaks by the day and float different sections of the Rogue.  Your visit must include a Jet Boat ride.  In the summer, these  fun boats come by Riverlodge in the late morning and afternoon.  It is a great way to see a lot of territory and wild life.  We think their best deal is a meal cruise  You get wildlife, the jet boat ride and a surprisingly sumptuous dinner family style at their private riverside deck. We usually reserve our ride for the last day of our trip.
Make your reservations asap.  This sells out.

The days are long during the summer so it’s easy to do as much or little as you want.  The area is fun to explore.  Float or drive to Galice resort and enjoy the beer, food and the music on their summer deck. This is a raucous, fun crowd

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Visit our Rogue Valley wine country.  There are four appellations within one hour of Riverlodge.  My favorite is the Applegate River Valley. It is  local, friendly, and fun: a mico climate perfect  for Chardonnay, Syrah and Bordeaux red varietals. Applegate proves Oregon isn’t just about Pinot Noir. Start with breakfast or lunch at Applegate store.  Great food, locals, club sandwiches and milk shakes to die for.  There are numerous wineries to visit.  Try Woolridge Creek and finish your day at Troon. These folks are making great wines with popular names like Druids Fluid and Riverguide White.  You will want to take some home.  If you want quantity call us and we will pass along our discount.

The tenured and acclaimed appellation is the Illinois Valley near Cave Junction on  route to the Caves National Monument.  It is just 30 minutes south of Riverlodge.  It is  the home of  Foris wines. This family has been crafting fine wines for years and exceptional values in Oregon’s favorite Pinot Noir.  This year the Wall Street Journal wine column rewarded the 2006 Foris Pinot its best value designation.  We think the 2007 is just as good. It is a welcoming place and excellent wine tasting experience.

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A great outing is combining a trip to the Caves National monument with wine tasting.  In the National Hotel at the caves you can enjoy a the historic site with its popular ice cream shop like so many others have for over 80 years.  Bring a coat.  It is cool in the caves year round.

Ashland is also an hour from Riverlodge.  The Shakespeare Festival is almost always on and the plays are first rate. Ashland has a rather 60’s laid back feel to it and is peppered with great eating spots.  Take your picnic to enjoy huge flowering rhododendrons in the central village park or eat at a local’s favorite. Bob Bestor who is a world renowned traveler and writes lives in Ashland and his favorites are listed in our news . You won’t be disappointed